Bridgerton’s second season! I’d be sad it’s over, but I already know this is something I’ll revisit as a comfort watch over and over again.

Perfect casting, perfect chemistry, perfect corgi what’s not to like? Bridgerton is also proof that reincarnation is real, because it has caused me to die multiple times.

Anthony, who frantically rescued an unconscious Kate, has convinced himself he’s to be blamed for the state she’s in. It’s been over a week since that fateful day

She remains unconscious at Lady Danbury’s and he hasn’t even checked in. This is a rare occasion where a “You up?” inquiry is the most wholesome thing to do

Instead, he’s become more tyrannical at home than usual, even though his family is already miserable from being treated as outcasts

Meanwhile, the Featheringtons’ social capital is on the upswing, so they’re using their heist money to plan a ball call..

Back at Lady Danbury’s, Edwina pleads in a unconscious way, Kate to come back, and, moments later, she awakens. (Did they not already try that before?

Lady Mary and Lady Danbury run in, thrilled. Kate asks about Anthony and they tell her how he gallantly rescued her.

But after she presses, they reluctantly reveal he hasn’t been around since. Of course, she’s disappointed.