Smart Water Sensor Expands Phyn Water Watchdog Line

Phyn, the creator of the eponymous Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff, has extended their line of water guard dogs with the Smart Water Sensor, an extensible framework fit for checking for floods, water spills, harm from moistness, and frozen temperatures.

Intended to work working together with Phyn Plus or as independent screens, the Phyn Smart Water Sensors incorporate with the Phyn application and can be utilized in numerous spaces all through the home to look out for water and temperature issues at the source.

Moreover, the Phyn Water Sensor Extension Node and Phyn Water Sensor Cable embellishments can be utilized to screen for issues in difficult to-get-to regions, for example, under a clothes washer, around heated water storage, or even along a baseboard.

The Phyn Smart Water Sensor works with the free Phyn application. Picture: Phyn.

Broadening the Water Monitoring Model

The puck-molded, battery-fueled Phyn Smart Water Sensor has a blue LED light (as the Phyn logo) on its top and water sensor contacts on its base. Phyn says the two AA batteries should control the unit for as long as 2 years, and battery life can be checked from the Phyn application.

The sensor can be utilized without help from anyone else, and when it recognizes water the LED enlightens and a perceptible caution goes off, while simultaneously notices can be shipped off the Phyn application and by means of SMS.

What separates the Phyn Smart Water Sensor from most other keen water sensors are the extensible module extras. The Extension Node is successfully a distant sensor, and the 1-in measurement sensor is fitted with a 4-ft. link to empower putting it away from the primary sensor unit. Water sensor contacts on the two sides empower it to identify water from a higher place or underneath.

The Phyn Water Sensor Extension Node. Picture: Phyn.

The most intriguing extra is the Water Sensor Cable. This adornment is additionally 4-ft. long and connects to a Phyn Smart Water Sensor, yet sends an alarm if any piece of the link gets wet. That makes it ideal for observing water along a baseboard or winding the link-up around a sump siphon. Moreover, up to 3 of the Water Sensor Cables can be daisy-fastened to stretch out the checked region to 12-ft.

The Phyn Water Sensor Cable. Picture: Phyn.

At the point when the remote Phyn Smart Water Sensor is utilized with one of the 2 wired sensor frills over, the sensors in the principle unit are as yet dynamic.

Extra frill plugs into a port on the Phyn Smart Water Monitor. Picture: Phyn.

Phyn Plus Integration

As one would expect, a release identified by a Phyn Smart Water Sensor anyplace in the home can train the Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff to stop the central pipe.

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