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Hey guys Shahzad Arsi this side, the man behind Homeick website. First, i would like to thank you for finding and visiting my blog and, more importantly taken time to read about me (obviously, to know us better).

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So let’s come straight to the point, although this blog came into existence recently as I found the name Homeick to be Cathy. Home because I want to share content in this niche like kitchen items to make your home look better. And Iuck, because to be honest, 80% of our household are not safe enough that we think of.

Let me prove my point, we do daily cook in our kitchen and women spend almost 1/3 of her time in the kitchen to prepare delicious meal for the family.

But have you ever wondered while cooking there are certain measures we should keep in mind, if we want to have a healthy and disease free life. The main objective of choosing Kitchen Chimney as a product came from here, as this one product can help us in getting our health back and also keep our household and kitchen smoke and dust free.

All the kitchen items that we review in the form of blog post on this website are thoroughly and well researched and most importantly, i and my family members personally use it before we publish any content. We are 100% sure of it.

However, in some cases, the product review you read might be not as good as it was while writing the post.

This can be due to several factors like time, durability, company reputation, price etc. I want you to do check the review on Amazon and other platform and be 100% sure before you purchase any product.

We only recommend products that’s helpful for overall, not just me. You can always reach out to me with your comment and do connect with me on the major social media channel (that you find within this page or any other post).

I thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for visiting my blog, have a nice day. See you as a community member by joining our team as a contributor or subscriber.

Thanks & Regards

Shahzad Arsi